We are a body of believers in Jesus Christ committed to reaching those who do not know Him, discipling those who do, and equipping believers for ministry.

Our church is located right in the middle of growing international community. The U.S. Government has chosen the Nolensville Road area as a refugee resettlement area for oppressed people from around the world. With this comes both challenges and opportunities. We need church members who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work of ministry. Financial gifts, volunteerism, and willingness to be trained are qualities of churches around the U.S. that have strong social ministries.

We are a Baptist congregation and are connected to the Tennessee Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention. Our gifts to these groups enable ministries around the world, including the funding of thousands of missionaries, benevolent ministries, health care organizations, senior care centers and orphanages, to name a few.

As Baptists, we have particular beliefs.

Here are the main ones:

(1) The Bible as our only source for doctrine

(2) Baptism by immersion following conversion

(3) The priesthood of all believers, which means that through Jesus all believers have access to God without the need for a man as mediator

(4) The autonomy of the local church, which means that each church should be individually governed