Bible Study Groups

THBC offers a Bible Study Group for everyone, no matter your age, stage of life, or knowledge of the Bible. We have groups for people who have never studied the Bible, and we have groups for people who have studied the Bible their entire lives.

In a Bible Study group, you’ll find new friends who will encourage and care for you. Bible Study groups support and pray for one another. When you find a Bible Study group that’s right for you, you’ll find a group of people with whom you can serve as our church cares for the community around us.

The connection between Church Revitalization and Bible Study is significant. Studying God’s Word with other people gives you the opportunity to ask questions, share insights, find direction, and grow in your faith. As individuals grow in their faith, the church gets stronger.

Groups that you can attend on your first visit to Tusculum Hills are listed below. Our Revitalization Pastor will happy to answer any questions that you might have about finding the group that is right for you. You can email if you have any questions about a Bible Study Group, planning your first visit to Tusculum Hills, or if you have a question about how God might be leading in your life.

Adult Classes

Adult Bible Study Groups are open groups which means they would welcome you to join them any time. We encourage you to visit any one of the groups, get to know the teacher and group members, then join the group as you feel led.

  • Pat Farlar Class – Room 214
  • Faith Ambassadors – Room 216, taught by Ron Pease
  • Good Fellowship Class – Room 207, taught by Dolores Jones
  • Misfits Class – Church Parlor, taught by Ron McGowan
  • Bill Highsmith Class – Room 212
  • Fisherman’s Class – Dr. August Lovegren (men’s group)
  • Young Adults Class – The Cafe, taught by Joel and Candi Nelson
  • Friendship Class – Room 134, taught by Betty Smith (women’s group)
  • Sue Dempsey Class – Room 136 (women’s group)
  • Joy Class – Room 132, taught by Elizabeth Gunderson (women’s group)

Mid-Month Fellowship Lunch and Bible Study

Meeting the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 11:00 AM for lunch, devotion, prayer, singing and a brief time to take care of church business. Cost for lunch is $10 per person. Reservations are required. You can make your reservation by calling the office at 615-833-6519.