Find Hope

Text with a Pastor

Text (833) 244-6314 if you’d like to connect with a member of our pastoral care team for prayer support, encouragement for a tough situation you are going through, or to ask a question related to discerning God’s direction when you are at a crossroads.

Loneliness Does Not Have to be Your Companion

Did you know that according to the Center for Biblical Engagement, people who read the Bible four times a week are 30% less likely to struggle with loneliness than those who don’t? 

THBC offers a free scripture reading plan that you can start enjoying right away regardless of your knowledge of the Bible. Simply complete the Scripture Engagement Request found here to receive your free digital copy of a scripture reading plan that you can begin using today. We will also include a scripture reading guide for you that will help you get the most out of each day’s reading. It is yours, free, when you complete the Scripture Engagement Request by clicking here.  (See registration form below)

Pastoral Care

Life can be marked by surprises, challenges, and difficulties. If you need to talk with someone about a challenge you are experiencing, one of our pastors will be happy to listen, share scriptural insight, and pray with you. You do not have to be a member of the church, and there is never a fee due to the generosity and support of our congregation. Email us here to begin a conversation today.

Christian Counseling

You can email our Revitalization Pastor confidentially here and together, we will look for biblical solutions that can bring support through the ministries of our church and the Christian counseling community around us. THBC member Phyllis Cook, an experienced counselor, sees clients on our campus. You are not alone and we’d love to walk with you toward a brighter tomorrow.

Scripture Engagement Request

We are offering three different 60 Day Reading Plans. You can choose one or all three.(Required)
You are also going to receive a “How to Read and Study the Bible” step by step guide written by our Revitalization Pastor just for registering!
Being a member of a Bible Study Group means you’ll meet new friends who will encourage you, someone will be praying for you, you will have a chance to grow deeper in your faith, and at times you’ll have a chance to encourage and help others. Can we enroll you in one of our Bible Study Groups today?(Required)