Music Ministry

Worship and Music Ministry

There is the place for you in the Worship and Music Ministry! The Worship Ministry is an exciting ministry that proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ through biblically sound music that touches the heart. In addition, it provides a place to enjoy meaningful relationships with a family of believers and to experience the joy of seeing God work in and through us to accomplish great things!

Adult Choir

Our Adult Choir loves to sing and lead in worship! You don’t have to be a “trained” singer to join! As long as you can “carry a tune” and are willing to learn your part, you will fit right in quickly and be a part of something special. We probably have more fun in this group than should be allowed, and we have our own powerful times of worship as we prepare to lead others in worship. Rehearsal Times: 11:30 a.m. each Sunday in the choir room.

Children’s Music Ministry

For more information, visit the Children’s Freedom Choir page on our website.

Leaders:Kim Wood, Shannon Moore

Why Children’s Choirs?

  • Preschool and children’s choir helps children develop creative, problem-solving skills.
  • Movement in children’s choir strengthens coordination and athletic ability, and stimulates communication between the left and right brain.
  • Singing in children’s choir combines text, melody, harmony, rhythm, and movement, creating fireworks in the higher learning centers of the brain.
  • Children’s choir involves reading , anticipating, listening, and memorization, and nurtures children from observation to participation.
  • Children’s choir develops discipline, concentration, cooperation, and self-confidence, which carry over into other areas of life.
  • Children’s choir helps children learn and memorize spiritual truth, and creates a sound track for life…an internal faith database that deepens spiritual growth and worship.
  • The gift of children’s choir lasts for a lifetime, and impacts eternity!
  • Give your child the gift of children’s choir in our Children’s Music Ministry.