Sunday School

Sunday School is not a “school” but a fellowship…a family…a small group of believers who gather together for a time of Bible study, prayer, and reflection. All of our classes meet at the same time on Sunday mornings but most of them meet several times a month outside of church for activities like: going to the movies, bowling, dinner at someone’s house. Plug into a Sunday School class and see how a small group will impact your walk with Christ!

Adult Classes

  • Pat Farlar Class – Room 214
  • Faith Ambassadors – Room 216, taught by Ron Pease
  • Good Fellowship Class – Room 205 acting teacher Dolores Jones
  • Misfits Class – Sanctuary, taught by Ron McGowan
  • Bill Highsmith Class – Room 212
  • Our Roots, A Biblical Heritage – Room 204
  • Fisherman’s Class – Room 10B, Dr. August Lovegren
  • The Friendship Class – Room 134, taught by Betty Smith and Mildred Phipps
  • Sue Dempsey Class – Room 136
  • The Joy Class – Room 132, taught by Elizabeth Gunderson
  • Youth Class- Room 220, taught by Kevin Williams